Der Tödlicher Irrtum Aufgedeckt auf Deckblatt für Bewerbung und Wie man es vermeiden

Fakten, Fiktion und das Deckblatt für Bewerbung Anschreiben sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil einer Bewerbung. Senior Buchstaben können auf Notebook-Papier, farbiges Papier geschrieben werden, stationär, Karten, etc. kreatives deckblatt und sollte im Umschläge gelegt werden. Briefe aus der Familie sollten von den Eltern und brachten zum WGHS Front-Office und platziert in den werden. Sie oft Stolz […]

Writing: Method or inspiration?

A question that is always very debated is this: method or inspiration? There are writers who claim to let their imagination run wild, and those who prefer to use strict rules, a precise method, with ladders, schemes, conceptual maps and so on and so forth. There are opposing strategies, different clothes, there are those who […]

Mistakes to avoid when writing

Where were we? Oh yes. To the unforgivable, hateful, annoying, horrifying errors that could forevermark a poor book, and therefore to be avoided (here the first part, if you missed it). Next! The beginning. Guys, the beginning must be perfect. But also the following ten / fifteen pages. All in all, everything must be precise, […]

The writer’s block: where, how and why

We don’t use words, for a writer the writer’s block, and excuse the repetition, he is a terrible bastard. The feeling of not being able to throw down even a single syllable terrifies. For a writer to have no more words to write in black and white is a drama that sometimes causes an even […]